October 18, 2012: Tiger, the reason I am now a foster failure

Because she was sitting in my way and would not move, I decided take advantage of the situation. Found the camera and got a decent shot of her. LOL

This is Tiger. She is a kitty that has been looking for a forever home for about a year now. She “flunked” our store adoption program so I took her to my house to “foster” (make sure you put your fingers up like quotations at this point).

When she first arrived, she hid in the room for about 3 days. I knew she was eating, drinking and using the litterbox but I did not see her at all. Finally, she started coming by me but she did not want to be touched or held. I didn’t blame her at all, this was the fourth time in her short life that she had to move. So now jump ahead 11 months later, she is still at my house. She is very friendly with me and she lets others pet her. She still hates to be picked up but I am able to do it, she will not try to bite me. In the beginning she would try to bite, well, it was more like “warning bites”.

Because I am in the room working 6 – 8 hours each day, she sees me more than my other 6 cats, 2 dogs and 3 birds. So far no one has shown any interest in this cute girl and I have come to the conclusion that she will be living the rest of her 13+ years with me. Eventually I would like to get her combined with the rest of the animals but I am not in any rush. When she first arrived she would hiss and growl at any of the animal noises that came from beyond the door but now its no big deal. Matter of fact, I brought one of my cats into the room (in my arms) to test her reaction. She kind of just looked at him like “whatever dude”. Sammy on the other hand gave her a dirty look. See, before she arrived, Sammy would be in the office with me everyday taking up desk space.

So I guess the purpose of me telling this story is:

to announce that I am a foster failure

Tiger has a forever home

and YOU should foster or adopt an animal. 🙂

– Chris

ps: this picture was taken today about 30 minutes ago 🙂

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