August 22, 2012: Pictures of the animals

I am sure you have noticed that we have been posting pictures with colorful frames and effects added to them. Hopefully these additions make the pictures a little more interesting which in turn will cause more “fans” to read the stories. As I have been doing this, I have realized that for most of the animals that you see in in our stories, this is probably the only time in their life that they have had a picture taken of them. Lets face it, if they aren’t being fed and watered by their so called owners, they sure aren’t being photographed by them.

For now on, I am going to think of these pictures as a mini tribute to these poor animals. The ones that have gone through pain, suffering, heartache and agony. Even though they will never know it, someone did care for their well being and thought they were a wonderful animal.

So if you see a picture or story you like, please click on the like button or better yet, the share button. Each time you click on like or share, more people are introduced to the Michigan Animal Adoption Network and the Animal Care Network.

– Chris

PS: The dog in the picture is mine. Her name is Princess and she was a rescue from Pontiac. I have had her about 3.5 years and she is approximately 4.5 years old. This picture was taken at the recent Bowl-4-Animal Rescue. She goes every year to meet her public. LOL

Oh, even though she doesn’t look like it, she did have a bath the day of the event. lol

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