October 25, 2015: Latest Litter of Inkster Kittens

Two of our favorite ladies in Inkster are Miss Cora and her sister. They will invite you to walk through their beautiful gardens and go inside for a snack and some tea. We do this on a weekday planned out especially for them and their, per the norm, expanding cat population.

This day we spent a few hours searching under their house and the vacant property next door looking for the latest litter of kittens. The hope is always to catch them before they take off. Small window. But we found them!


We pulled them out from inside this “super safe” wood contraption Mommy had found. And Mommy? Check her out!


That’s Mindy. They had kept her as a baby and named her after one of Inkster’s ACN volunteers. (Yes, Mindy is now spayed!)

We think that’s a pretty big honor. Two truly special ladies.