September 25, 2014: Amy

Thanks to our friend with the Inkster post office for calling us about this pooch who was in much pain. “Amy” was found wandering around a neighborhood, which is not what you want to be doing, especially when you are a pitbull and an injured one at that. But luckily for this girl she was spotted by someone who cared enough to do something (because we all claim to care, right? but rarely enough to actually do something) and the dog was physically picked up and placed under a nice big porch at a neighbors house. I want to point out that both the homes of the postal worker and the neighbor with nice porch who kept the dog overnight, have dogs. The porch guy ‘s dogs were the lesser of the barkers, hence Amy sleeping over there until we could pick her up. I’m pointing this out because years and years of picking up strays has taught us that this is a main reason people won’t stop to help. They have dogs. Or cats. And those dogs or cats won’t be very happy and will probably bark or meow and keep everyone up all night. Really? Oh well. Can’t you be inconvenienced for a night or 2?

Little Amy, who had multiple broken bones was internally bleeding and still tried to do her best to act as if she was feeling ok, is forever and ever grateful that these 2 people were willing to be inconvenienced.

Being a stray is no fun. If you see a stray, stop and pick it up. Or leave some food/water and go home to drop off your kid or your own dog in car if you are worried the stray might bite/go after them and then go back. Keep a crate in your garage away from your dogs and family just in case you might wind up with a stray that needs to spend the night. Heck, keep some Dramamine (vet approved) in case you need to help the dog relax and stop barking so you can relax and be willing to do it again.

You might need to step up to the plate for all of the precious Amy’s out there. Someone from a rescue group or animal control or shelter isn’t always going to be able to get there to fit in with your time frame.

Go ahead and be inconvenienced. Save a life!

Thank you these 2 heroes who fed, watered, gave shelter, AND love, to Amy. She is currently still healing but doing very well. My money is saying her foster home will be a failure:)

September 25 2014 Amy

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