September 24, 2014: Annie, Miss Sherry, and Family

As the sun comes up we once again find ourselves en route to another spay neuter appointment. But this story is more a tribute to Miss.Sherry of Inkster and her caring family, as opposed to another tale of the in-n-outs of spay/ neuter transporting.

Sherry found Annie Oakley as a stray and did more than most people to help the dog. She even took her to a vet for microchip scanning …and no doubt the pooch was thrilled that Joanie from Buster Foundation was there always ready to lend a helping hand and flea bombed the dog!!

Even with a cat and another dog, both rescued from the streets, to share her new found people with, Annie Oakley eased right in to her surroundings, never jumping the fence or cornering Daisy May the Mastiff mix. (great names, I know)

But people do go out of their way every now and then – we hear of someone taking a stray to a vet to check for a microchip or calling different rescues to see if someone will please come get the dog. What makes this family different? The outcome wasn’t letting the dog go again when Plan A didn’t work out. Not did they just give the dog to anybody at all or leave alone constantly in a crate or backyard because Plan B or C didn’t work out. No…they let Annie Oakley be part of their FAMILY.

She is inside. She gets fed normal dog food on a regular basis. She sleeps on the bed. In fact from what I understand, she often takes up most of the bed and mom winds up on the couch! And that Dog Co-dependent thing right there, that is the language we understand and THAT is why we are giving tribute to Miss. Sherry, her son Jacob and the kind, kind husband who eventually relented and said sure the dog can stay:)

Annie Oakley recovered from her post surgery drugged up state!! September 24 2014  Annie, Miss Sherry and Family

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