June 25, 2014: Miss Leroy

Another backyard. Another chained up dog .

This guy lived behind a house that was situated behind another house , a duplex I suppose in a normal world, and who knew he was even there? The house in front was empty, and if it weren’t for the constant barks we heard while visiting a house across the street, we may never have even found Leroy. Oh I’m sorry, it’s La-Roy. We need to get it right. Can’t we get it right?

Apparently we need to get a lot of things right, including, and not limited to, the correct pronunciation of the name of the dog chained behind a house, located behind a house in Inkster. La-Roy, as it turns out, is actually a girl, a friendly girl. Wouldn’t have known it at first given the first impression she threw out, but given a few seconds and a few unbelievably good treats, she came around and was ours.

This is the end of our story. Why? Because it’s not illegal to keep a dog like the sweet Miss. Leroy on a chain. And so there is no more to tell other than her area was clean and that she had food, water , and a decent doghouse.  (Well, we gave her some fresh water and food)

Dogs like Leroy are all over the place. Although unlike Leroy, they usually not only have no food, water or decent shelter, they usually have nothing. That’s right. These dogs usually have nothing: no food, no water, no decent shelter.

So thanks Leroy for barking while we were visiting the house across the street, or we would not have known you were there. And lucky for us, another wonderful
dog to add to our list of addresses.

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