December 29, 2014: Inkster Story

Look at me. Listen to me. Help me…I am tired.  So tired. We are all so tired. Someone left our mommy, when my siblings and I were still in her belly, here in this bad neighborhood where no one wants us.

The words I picked up from this lady who came by once to feed us, sound like this corner was chosen especially for us! What??Some cats were already here and so they were supposed to be our friends. Like we were all supposed to snuggle up together and bond or something. And also cuz of the field in the middle of all of the empty houses. There aren’t enough mice or birds in that field to feed us all…is that maybe what these people things were thinking when they let our mommy go on that corner? That we would survive on field food and sleep in the empty houses? What?? There are so many sharp and scary things in those houses! And when the loud people go in, well, we sure have to run far and fast and then faster cuz they will always hurt us.

A few of the cats that were here have part of their ears cut off! What?? Could they have been brought here to this dump on purpose, too? And those cats ohhhh my gosh – they were never happy we were there. They beat up my mother and chased all of us and also any new cats. It was their hang-out first, we understand. These human things, they just don’t get us and how we like our own world…territory I think they call it.

But we stay because more words we hear say that food will come…water will come. We wait and we wait. We are getting sick. My sister can barely open her eyes, but she must still feel better than my brother and me cuz when the kind people showed up, she ran away so fast it was like lightening. I couldn’t put up a fight at all, I just sat there shaking. And my brother couldn’t go like lightening either on account his leg being all twisted up. So lucky for us no more pretend words about someone coming to feed us.

The kind people took us to this doctor place and it was so warm. (You know they were just coming from that doctor place and for us they went all the way back?!) We were spotted there by that empty house, just praying like we did every day that the mean cats or mean people would stay away and that maybe the food human thing would come,  and guess what?? they stopped to help!

Never ever have I been in one of the moving boxes, some of my friends have been smashed by them, but I was too tired from my life on the streets to be scared. And I’ll tell ya, there was a soft blanket and this thing called a lap that were so wonderful! A lap. Have you heard this word?

I miss my mommy and my sister but I hear that the kind people are going back for them so we can all be together.  The new words I get are betting they went back for them already because the kind people are also tenacious. I don’t know what that means but I like it anyway.

Finally words I like. Life inside is beautiful. Finally a beautiful life.

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