December 2, 2014: Mac

Once in a blue moon we get a lucky break and someone like Mac comes along. Someone comes along who is exactly what we need. Someone willing to open the doors to his home, offering these poor animals a respite from whatever hell it is they came from. No questions asked.

Sometimes for a few days, sometimes just for a few needed hours. A few hours needed for some immediate warmth, maybe a little quiet downtime before we head out to the vet – an intro into the foreign world of human kindness. And Mac exudes kindness.

Every animal  lucky enough to spend an hour, a day or a week with him is always graciously welcomed. Not only are they greeted by  him plopping down a bowl of fresh water (fresh whaat?) and offering yummy treats (yummy whaat?)
from the stash he keeps in the kitchen just for them, but they are greeted by his quiet, calm, gentle presence. A kind soul…something every single animal, no matter how crappy their past or whacked their personality,  respond to with joy.
Can you imagine the comfort such a person brings to these sick, injured abandoned and abused animals?
People often say they will foster but then never will. It seems too overwhelming at the last minute. How long will it be here? What if this? What if that? Often what we need isn’t a long term commitment. It’s just a day or 3. It’s just a few hours. Let us in for just a few hours.

It’s someone just like our Mac. He is Inkster’s Blue Moon lucky break.

Gold Star buddy, Gold Star.


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