August 14, 2014: Untrained Rescued Dogs

These two 12 and 14 year old Llaso’s were lucky enough to have lived with their owner for their entire lives. Then a few days after their owner passed away, we were lucky enough to get them.  Unfortunately for the dogs, they were never taught any manners, and given the nature of their attitudes, no family members could take them on. And understandably so.

This isn’t about bad family members. This is simply about, training your dog. You don’t have get all cute and train it to become a frisbee catching or dock diving all star. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life training for Search and Rescue or agility competitions. You don’t even have to drag your pet around to nursing homes. Just go to a regular training facility, group, etc. for their basic training and then keep up with it. Teach him to sit/stay. Train him to walk on a leash so he can socialize with other people and animals. Teach him not jump up and that any food aggression is unacceptable. And most important, teach him that biting is WRONG! THE BASICS.

Because should you let your dog snap and growl (yes, yes, but they are little and cute and “never go far,” right…) and bolt when the front door opens and then ooooh, I dunno …you suddenly find yourself sick and bed ridden because, well, life happens, guess what, the caregivers coming in and out aren’t going to put up with it.

The confusion and the stress will make the dogs worse. Then you will die and no one will want your dogs. Your sweet dogs that you let get away with a lifetime of “they have attitudes” will have no where to go. The End.

(The basics. That’s all your dog needs to ensure it will be able to be placed when something, anything, in your life pops up and the dogs have to move on.)

August 14 2014 Untrained Rescued Dogs

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