September 26, 2013: Sick kittens are Common on the Streets

We just said the other day that its raining kittens. And we said it again today. A litter of 7. A sick litter of 7.

Upper respiratory, complete with eye and nasal discharge. Don’t think this “cold” will simply blow over, there are a host of other symptoms that go along with the obvious signs and medical care from a vet is needed.

Fleas, the flea population on these kitties was thriving. It might seem that fleas are nothing more than a nuisance that can be easily resolved. However when fleas are consuming enough little drops of blood, it can cause potentially fatal anemia in your kitty. Especially if your kitty is already weak. Add to that the tapeworms fleas will give your kitty.

These babies were sick inside and out. Until you can get to a vet, use flea treatment shampoo, labeled for age and size. Under 8 weeks? Find a fine toothed flea-comb and do your best.

Dont forget that kittens are more fragile than they appear to be!

The reason kittens start their first round of shots at 8 weeks is because that is when the immunity they get from their mothers starts to wear off. These kitties had a sick mother who stopped nursing too early and their owners didn’t know how to care for them. Their immunity was weak from birth and the lacking vet care pushed 3 of them farther than their little bodies could fight.

Take it seriously when you see kittens (or cats) with eye and nasal discharge and/or fleas. Please get them to a veterinarian before their condition is beyond treatment.

September 26 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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