September 11, 2013: R.I.P. In Memory Of Miss Robin

Ms.Robin. Not only a favorite dog, but a favorite dog with a favorite name to boot.

This gal lived on what was at least a long chain in what was at least a clean garage, complete with an igloo dog house and good chew toys we always left her with. She could go in and out of the garage, not having to live entirely on concrete or dirt. So, even though this sucks, compared to many, Ms.Robin had it okay.

We had the honor of visiting her for possibly 9 years. Always shy at first with any new people, she would eventually wander out of her garage as we were quietly going about the Animal Care Network business of hooking her up with the best of everything. And then we would just sit down and wait for her to come up and say hi on her own time. Her sweet demeanor was unmatched.

This picture was taken 5-6 years ago at the house of the Inkster volunteer who was lucky enough to get her for the Lets Get Fixed! sleepover. Given Ms.Robin was too uncomfortable being inside, well, it was a family camp out that night.

One day we went by and her house was empty. Walked through it just to make sure. Then one day we went by and her house was caving in. Walked through it again just to make sure. With our heads ever aching, we continued to ask around for the whereabouts of our girl. Never anything. Another house abandoned. Another dog vanished. Our hearts again in agony.

Last week the same volunteer who had the pleasure hosting her weekender, received one of those phone calls you don’t want. A friend of ACN had received word that Ms.Robin had passed away and knowing how choked up we had been, she was decent enough to call with the news and give us some closure. “Ms.Robin was up there in age you know – her passing was quiet – they had her at the vet.”

Quiet. Just like our favorite dog with our favorite name. And she got a kind send off into dog paradise!! Our tears of sadness are finding comfort as they blend into tears of RELIEF and happiness = its all ok darling girl.

My god how we have missed you Ms.Robin.

Happy camping kid. Say hi to Old Boy for us and our Animal Care Network family, animal and human, who we have loved and lost and miss so much…we’ll be seeing you in the stars:)

~ Love always,
Inkster ACN



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