October 29, 2013: Inkster Rescue

Can you imagine an inner city with no animal control whatsoever?

Well this is what our Inkster team is up against!

Our Inkster Manager was alerted to a situation about two dogs abandoned when a home was condemned.

With little information, the team entered this vacant home with caution not knowing where the dogs where, if they were confined or loose etc.

At first all was quiet and then after calling to the dogs, the team heard movement, crying and barking. After moving away doors and garbage the dogs were found in a back makeshift kennel filled with feces and urine.

These dogs were so happy to see people, they went crazy to get out of this filthy, garbage ridden house. Lord knows these two dogs would have been doomed had someone not called, they would have been starved or stolen for dog fighting.

These two grateful dogs were rescued and taken to a local animal shelter.

Unfortunately these rescues happen on a daily basis and are all too common in our target areas. There is not always immediate placement, foster care or immediate space with rescue groups available at a moments notice.

If you are interested in fostering dogs in need like this please call our office at 248-545-5055.

October 29 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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