November 25, 2013: Same Story….

Mommy. A “gator” pit. Her head is even kinda long, gatorish, hence the name. Pretty idiotic, we know. And you know. But there are all kinds of lines Pits out here. (I was even honored – not my word – to be invited for the unveiling of the first litter of a “brand new line” of pits once…can’t even remember the name because it was so stupid).

But back to Mommy. Tied with 2 leashes knotted together. A nice wound on her leg. A typical wound we see. Typical explanation of how it got there. Maybe people all get together to come up with these things. Who knows who cares.
We gave her the royal Animal Care Network treatment and some kisses and said sorry you can’t see your puppies anymore but they are looking healthy stuffed together in a big crate…you did a good job…and bid adieu.

You would be surprised how often people do NOT accept offers of $ for their dogs. 2 days after the owners of Gator Mommy chewed on our offer, even tried to negotiate and manipulate, they called and said it was a go, we could get Mommy.

So we did. Immediately. She is currently in the best possible foster home with a longtime ACN friend, gaining weight and very slowly starting to trust people again. I say again, but who knows, for all we know she never did.

November 25 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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