March 6, 2013: Arie

The first picture is the little Arie after we found her in a crate behind a barn and we were on the ride outa there!

Her mommy is a purebred Collie, daddy a purebred shepherd, and she, well, something no one wanted since she was a mixed breed and couldn’t be sold. So she was relinquished to a crate with a flimsy piece of cardboard 1/2 covering it, and stuck behind a barn with not much shelter from this weather. Fortunately, an ACN volunteer just happened to be snooping around the area and stumbled upon her. It took some discussion and a return visit, but the owners decided to let her go. For free. Look at that precious face!

And here she is, little Arie, looking lovingly at Lexi, in her most fabulous foster home! Arie absolutely lucked out…not only did she wind up in a terrific foster home, but one that has a special thing for puppies!

Thank you Mary Bourdage/Waggin Tails for hooking this little lady up with the Hickson family and thank you for taking in this very young 7 week old baby.

Arie March 6 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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