January 5, 2013: Kane

We love this picture not only because its a picture of Kane and we love Kane, but because its a happy ending story.

Kane used to live at a neighboring house, kept outside with 2 other, much bigger, dogs who beat him up on a regular basis. This pit mix just didn’t have it in him to fight back. So he has scars all over his body.

But those are from the not-so-good-ol’ days. These days Kane lives with his daddy who had decided 2 years ago that he was done watching the dog getting attacked in a yard he couldn’t escape from. Even though this address no longer needs any help with dog food, we still stop by to say hi and give Kane a nose tickle. This was the best picture we could get, nose tickles make it hard for a dogs body to be still.

Kane January 2013 pic monkey

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