January 28, 2013: Cody

We’ll give you 1 guess why Cody was surrendered to us. His ability to turn anything and everything into a fun dog game is your hint. We just cleared the coffee table and any area with breakables and let him surf. He will start training classes after he gets neutered,  until then, let it rip Cody.

At one point during our roadtrip to the vet he just couldn’t contain himself any longer, so we pulled over for some play time, per these photos. My hoodie was the toy but oh well, I have another one. And having been so deprived of any outlets for his over-the-top-personality before we got him, I figured what the he*l.

Another victim of someone getting a cute puppy and then the puppy turns into too much work. In his case, triple the antics and boisterous behavior. Thankfully, the owners knew Cody’s life was going to go downhill if he stayed with them and thankfully a neighbor of theirs knew acn. Within an hour of receiving the call asking if we were interested, we were there, Cody was ours, and dog slumber parties will never be the same.

January 28 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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