February 3, 2013: Bear

I think his name is Bear.

That’s what the first guy standing on the grass in front of the house told me it was. A few minutes later a different name came out of the mouth of another guy. “Ed.” Sounds sorta the same, I guess. If you’re drunk. Either way, he seemed to like Bear so I ran with that.

We laughed (yes we did) while driving around about how cool it was that some cars chose that minute of that day to stop in the middle of the road so their drivers could have a nice long conversation. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have backed up, kept my new years resolution not to swear out loud, taken
a different route to my next stop, and noticed him wandering along.

Naturally I pulled over, rolled down my window and asked the people across the street if the big black dog was theirs. Yes, but did I want him…they no longer do. Some behavior related issues as to why. Who cares, get in the truck Bear and don’t bite me, it’s time to fly.

Bear is quite clearly Lab and Rott and even though he started off politely in the backseat, the Lab in him quickly decided “oh no no Yeah I’m jumping over this seat and I’m riding with you…on your lap…roll down the window…” and then his Rott self turned around and stuck his butt in my face and had himself a nice drink of water. Per the picture.

We had a great time and he talked me into (yes he did) having a sleep-over tonight before we go to his foster home. So now he is on my bed next to my chubby yellow Lab. And I’m quite ok with not being able to move an inch. It was meant to be.


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