December 7, 2013: Scar

Scar. What can we say. We did our best keeping track of him and his siblings after they moved to Detroit. Doing such a thing isn’t always easy so it was pretty lucky on our part that their owner was a friendly guy and kept in touch with us.

“Where is Scar?” We wanted to know when we went to the house to pick up Mama dog, Chocolate. In the basement was the response.

No need to ask if he was chained down there because we knew that the answer was yes. We didn’t wait for a go ahead…in an exuberant fashion we announced that we were going down to see Scar. Down we went.  Lots of fences, turned over food bowls, and our boy…who clearly remembered us. Man it was a reunion like no other.

It’s never pleasant seeing any dog living like this, but seeing Scar like this had us unable to fight back tears. There was no yard available for dogs, new place being a duplex, so the dark, creepy  basement it was (there is no logical explanation for this).  We pleaded. No, no we can’t have Scar, been with him for too long. Besides, he is his nephew’s dog. Ok, let’s call the nephew, tell him we’ll give him some money. 20 minute discussion with the nephew over the phone and he accepted the offer. ***Must note, this was only possible due to a volunteer being given casino chips that morning as a donation.

Hauled butt to the casino, cashed in. Hauled butt back to the dwelling.  Unchain. Said quick goodbyes. He was ours. More tears as we drove away with Scar and his skinny sister Chocolate.

It turned out to be a good day.

December 7 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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