August 3, 2013: George

My name is George and yes the windows are all boarded up at my house. My owners are squatting. Animal Care Network saw me while in another yard and came over to say hi. I got a bunch of dog food and then they came back later with some tp, juice, and peanut butter for my mom and dad!

They remembered my mom and dad from a few years ago when we lived on a different Inkster street. A different street, a different year, a different time. We aren’t bad because we are squatting. Some people are, but not us. Things will turn around soon.

I’ll have you know, my life is a lot better than most dogs around town because I get to go inside! And once inside, unlike many dogs who are confined to a basement or crate or tied somewhere, I am free to roam! So wait a second before you judge us, wont you?

Things will turn around. They will.

Until then I look forward to upcoming visits from ACN and all the smiles and treats they will bring for me and my family.

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