April 20, 2013: Puppy rescue

The question has been asked, “Do you guys ever stop?” The answer is no.

Animal Care Network went well into the dark two weeks ago, which was fine. One of the volunteers wasn’t quite over a flu bug and time was lost here and there to stop for her to get sick. There Is No Crying In Baseball as well as There Is No Calling In Sick For ACN. (of-course if people are sick, they are sick…such is a given simply with life!)

So, early in the evening when things were being wrapped up and a call came in from one of our favorite people about needing help with a week old puppy, naturally we said we would help!

Of-course it’s better for a baby to stay with its mother. But when several of the puppies have died, Mama might be sick – not producing enough milk for so many puppies – many different options, it’s best to take the pup and bottle feed.  He was full of pee and poop, painful and dangerous, but after a day or 2 of patience and time, he emptied out and started sleeping much better. (Thus is the volunteer)

Getting up to feed around the clock leaves ones personality limited, but its well worth it.

As was mentioned, the couple who wound up with the puppy are two of our most favorite people! Remember the story about Missy? They took her in from an abusive neighboring house several years ago and gave her the most wonderful, loving home. We thank them for taking this youngster and calling us for help. Sometimes when both people are working different hours, feeding around the clock just isn’t possible. So we are more than happy to step in and lend a hand.

They gave him a name: Mister! We think and pray Mr.Mister will pull through!

April 20 2013 PicMonkey Collage

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