April 1, 2013: Good owners = good dogs

Even though Mindy, our Inkster Animal Care Network manager, is supposed to be on vacation, she just can’t stop herself from helping when it comes to the animals.

Please read the story she emailed us from California a couple days ago…….

This is the boardwalk in Venice Beach where an ACN volunteer recently visited and found herself networking to find a place to take a pit that was handed to her by a homeless person. (and it was promised to be a Stray-Free trip). That most annoying story on its way post getting permission to post pictures.

This is a dog with a much different story and one worth sharing. This is a pit rescued at the wee age of 5 weeks and raised by the wonderful Dave you see here and his wife Lisa who found him. So happy to see this (big!) Pit out for a walk in the sun, as opposed to on a chain, the volunteer had to stop to say hi. Whether you realize it or not, when you take your pit out in public, that dog is an ambassador for the breed. Like it or not, you and your dog are being judged. And that these two were happy to stop
and talk to people about their baby and his story, just makes it even better for the Pit Bull!

They were interested in what Animal Care Network does and asked for our card. “You never know…” holds true enough as there I was with a dead battery, homeless person handing me a dog, police not even knowing where local shelters were, and having to pull every west coast contact out of my head I had ever received in my life from who knows how many years ago, in hopes of finding someplace for this dog.

So Lisa and Dave, if ever in Michigan and in need, I hope you keep our number! Because you are absolutely right, “you never know…”

Let this picture be a source of inspiration to people of what their Pit can be. Walking politely along, NORMAL obedience training (they are going through it again – not giving up on the dog for being a bit of a handful) in effect…a good dog.

Good owners = good dog.

Thank you Dave and Lisa for being kind to your pit, giving him a good life, and thank you for letting me use your phone while stranded in Venice Beach!

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