September 18, 2012: Kitten

This little kitty came to us by way of a kind soul who saw her wandering around and couldn’t just leave her. Thankfully despite fleas and goopy eyes, her health was stable.

It doesn’t take long for sleep deprivation to set in. After days of round-the-clock bottle feeding, the ACN volunteer’s son, Joel, (already a pro) was enlisted to help out with some shifts!

In hopes that Ms.Rabbit would let the shivering kitty snuggle against her, they were placed together on the warm blankets. Ms.Rabbit had one helluva mothering instinct and love of baby kitties! She hovered over that baby, following the volunteer around from room to room whenever Caroline was being held. Ms.Rabbit has only been with the ACN volunteer for 2 weeks.

Her story to come!


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