October 5, 2012: Certificates for good kids

Here is Jeheim, his mom Jazz, and our most favorite aggressive dog Red.

Jeheim received a Certificate of Award from ACN for being consistent in taking care of Red over the years. (We have literally watched him grow up!) Now, already in 7th grade, he continues to make sure there is always food and that the water bowl is full. And, to give Red lots of love.

The trick is that one never knows the exact time we will arrive, so the food and water had better always be full and the dogs area free of feces! The kids we see regularly know this and get compensated when things look good when we arrive…always have a goody bag on hand with little things we know they like.

Jeheim has demonstrated his ability to care for Red when his mom has been sick and unable to help many times. We have stopped by enough over the years to find Red stocked up and figured we needed to give credit where credit is due.   He was absolutely THRILLED! Which of course in return, thrilled us.

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