October 3, 2012: Life for a kitten on the streets is NOT kind

Up front I’ll tell you that this baby didn’t make it. She simply wasn’t healthy enough to pull her little self through.

It was kind of the woman who found her to pick her up and to even drive to meet the ACN volunteer.

It was kind, almost unbelievable, that she went to PetSmart and bought formula and a kitty bottle. That is all good.

What isn’t kind is that this kitten had to suffer at all.

It isn’t kind that all of a sudden her mama wasn’t wanted and tossed out.

It isn’t kind that mama kitty’s life turned into a constant search for food and water and a constant pregnant belly.

It isn’t kind that this kitten was born at all. When your mama has had nowhere safe to go for who knows how long, and you are born behind some random house, nothing is kind.

To have ‘The Death Rattle’ at this age is a disgrace. See a cat running around? Don’t call someone else. You find the owner, or more likely whoever has been temporarily feeding cat, yourself. Then you get it fixed yourself and take responsibility.

Don’t have the $ and cant find a group that will help? You can call us. These dying kittens are everywhere. And they will continue to be everywhere, suffering, unless they should make it adulthood. And in adulthood they pray they not only find a person to consistently put out food and water, but for one that will help should she get sick or injured.

This is how it is.

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