July 13, 2012: Victims

These pictures should say it all. Victims of dogfighting. We hadn’t met these 2 before, a changing of the guard since our last visit to this address.

The black guy was very aggressive and getting bowls full of water and food to him required “the ol’ find a stick” to push them close.

The other guy was nice enough to let us clean his wound, cover his ears with something to keep the flies off and extend his chain.

Given it can be tricky gaining access to this yard, we left 2 huge bowls of water for each dog, one at opposite sides of their doghouses, lest one should get knocked over.

Then back over the fence we climbed.

** Note**  
Not all owners will allow us on the property to see their animals; this time the volunteers were allowed on site long enough to give some food, water and check the wound.     Unfortunately, by next week, there will probably be new dogs at the location and the volunteers won’t be allowed on the property.   Because we do not have any law enforcement out with us on ACN runs, we have to put the volunteers safety as #1 priority.   We can only do so much and we wish we could do more.  If you see dogs being treated like this, please call your local animal control officers and report it.  Keep calling until they come out and investigate.  They are the only ones legally able to take the animals off the premises.   We can only remove the dogs if we are given permission by the owners or property owners.


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