December 23, 2012: Bonus

This is Bonus. We saw her playing in traffic one day en route to help out with a cat hoarding situation in Detroit, hence the name.

After an hour or so we came across the lovely owners of a beauty supply store who had been keeping food and water out for her behind their store. It seems this lil girl had been running for over a month, slipping in n out of the fence between the shop and an alley. On the other side of the alley sat several houses filled with indifferent attitudes towards the dog’s make-shift home. Concerns about it getting cold, yes. Concerns about where to find food, somewhat. Most concerning was of course that no one was actually going to do anything for the dog. Save the beauty supply shop. They had watched her nurse 3 babies until a local picked them up and then they watched her run after that car down the middle of Evergreen for a full 30 seconds. Brings tears just thinking about it.

Thankfully we saw her that day and took the time to return 4 times – we were never going to give up on her – because she will never have to go through such a trauma again. In fact, no more trauma ever for Bonus. The day she arrived at the ACN volunteers house she literally slept for 24 hours. And the girl has been on cruise control ever since…

December 23 PicMonkey Collage

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