January 29, 2012: Senior Rottweiler

What a good discovery for the Animal Care Network (ACN)!

This senior Rottweiler was living in a outdoor pen with no doghouse inside the pen. Granted they had put a tarp over the pen, however it was weighed down with hundreds of pounds of huge ice chunks due to the recent weather. He was lying on a cement slab (another major issue).

The door of the pen was much to narrow to fit a large doghouse through. Had ACN not stopped at this address the tarp would have surely torn and the huge boulders of ice would have fallen on this dog.

Solution: get the ice boulders off the top of the pen, lift a dogloo on a pallet over the top, fix the tarp and fill his pen with straw. And boy was this dog happy!!  He loved the straw especially, snuggling into it and making a nest.

It is extremely sad that this nice old senior dog has to live outside. We are not happy about that at all. But since we cannot change every pet owner’s mind, we just have to make the situation better!!!


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