Late Summer 2016

Here is an owner who loves his little fur ball and wants him neutered. Thanks to our wonderful financial supporters, we will make certain it gets done.


One of our volunteers with a little fun puggle therapy!


Fresh straw and a new chewy = a happy pup!

We don’t just feed, water, provide fly repellent and doghouses to our clients. We provide belly rubs too!


The Animal Care Network only provides dog houses to owners who are willing to have their animals sterilized. This owner had two female Pit Bull puppies and called for assistance. She immediately wanted them both spayed. We set up her appointment and within 4 days we had them sterilized. The team then followed up on our commitment to deliver two new dog houses. The owner also committed to not leave them out at all times. We will continue to check on them to make certain they have everything they need. Best of all, no unwanted Pit Bull puppies!


One of the 67 animals we assisted in one day. We had this little guy neutered and stopped by to check on him. He was one of 6 animals sterilized in one week, thanks to your wonderful donations. We are happy to report he is doing great and was still happy to see the team! Great work girls!