Don’t forget to protect pets in extreme cold – January 8, 2015

A big thank you to Lauren Podell and Channel 4 WDIV for getting up extra early to do several segments on dogs and cats during this brutal winter blast. Wind chill advisory twenty below and winter weather advisory, heavy and blowing snow on the way. This is not letting up in the near future!Any and all media and awareness that we can bring to the public for the animals sake is greatly appreciated!!!

This is serious! Bring your pets inside! For those of you that don’t, won’t or cannot for whatever reason, provide them with a full doghouse of dry straw, extra food and check on them constantly! If you do not want or cannot keep your animal, please contact your local shelter or rescue group, don’t just leave them out there!

If you see an animal in trouble, call your local authorities, animal control, rescue group or the police! It is better to be safe than sorry!

Please watch and share now! Thanks!



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