Cold snap coming to Oakland County – January 19, 2013

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Cold snap coming to Oakland County

Saturday, January 19, 2013 12:40 AM EST

By CAROL HOPKINS Twitter: @opcarolhopkins

Prepare to bundle up as a stretch of cold, arctic air blows into the area this weekend, bringing with it brisk winds and temperatures plummeting to the single digits.

Saturday will be the warmest of many days, with a high of 40, but beginning Sunday, the mercury will drop to highs of only 22.

“With wind gusts as high as 36 mph, it will make it feel like the single digits,” said Sara Schultz, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.


Skies will be mainly cloudy. Slight snow showers are predicted for Saturday and Monday.

Sunday night’s low will be only 12 degrees.

Monday won’t be much better with a predicted high of 18. The wind will die down, but Monday night’s low will fall to a mere 7 degrees, Schultz said.

Tuesday’s high will be around 15 and the evening low 8. On Wednesday the high temperature is expected to be 19, with a low of 14.

Finally by Thursday temperatures warm to 29 degrees.

“It will feel like a heat wave,” Schultz said.

During cold snaps like this, lakes should freeze, the National Weather Service officials said.

People who venture out onto lake ice should check its thickness, said Waterford Fire Department Capt. John Lyman — who recently coordinated an ice rescue demonstration on Maceday Lake.

“You need to be extra careful,” he said.

Wear a life jacket and give someone on shore your plan for being out on ice, Lyman said. Then if you don’t show up, a relative or friend can act on that.

“Don’t be overconfident just because we have a couple of cold days,” Lyman stressed.

Pets kept outdoors should be brought inside, warned Animal Care Network Manager Pam Porteous.

Outdoor dogs must receive double their normal food to resist the cold and survive winter.

If a dog must be outside, make sure its doghouse sits several inches off the ground and is filled completely with straw so the dog can burrow into the straw and make a nest to keep warm, Porteous said..


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