Animal Care Network seeking donations for dogs and cats in need – January 8, 2013

Animal Care Network seeking donations for dogs and cats in need

Posted: 6:58 AM

PONTIAC, MICH(WXYZ) – The Animal Care Network, a division of the Michigan Animal Adoption Network is in dire need of food donations.

The Animal Care Network outreach program visits the streets of Pontiac and Inkster every single day rescuing dogs and cats, doing wellness checks and offering assistance to pet owners with indoor and outdoor pets. The volunteers make 100 to 200 stops every single week helping the community. The program also offers financial aid for spay and neuter and hosts two vaccination clinics in Pontiac each year.

Volunteers deliver and properly install straw in doghouses for dogs that are living outside. They also educates the public on animal care and the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

The poor economy has seriously affected the organization’s donations, which puts this extremely valuable street program in jeopardy. This could in turn affect thousands of pet owners and their dogs and cats. In fact, many people are giving up their pets because they cannot afford to feed them or get them fixed. This program gives them another option and resource to be able to keep their beloved pets.

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