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Published on Sep 23, 2013
Vol. 2 Episode #2
AMERICAN STRAYS the series Season 2 The “FIX”

Meet Pam, a loyal friend to the people and animals that she cares for.

Follow the ongoing stories of the people and the dogs of the city of Detroit in this ground-breaking series from the World Animal Awareness Society as the WA2S works to solve stray dog problems.

Series director JJ Fabre does an amazing job allowing the most personal of stories to be shared about people who passionately live their lives in a Dogs world.

American Strays the series Season 2: The “FIX” is presented in cooperation with Life With Dogs TV. Please support the American Strays Project with a generous donation today:

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original music by:
Mike Mulliniks

series camera:
JJ Fabre

series executive producer:
Tom McPhee

series director:
JJ Fabre

Special thanks to the Michigan Humane Society, Michigan Anti Cruelty Society, Detroit Animal Control and the Mayor of Detroit’s Office, and the volunteers and people of the city of Detroit who continue to help us find humane solutions to the worlds dog population problems.

For complete details about the American Strays Project or the Canine Survey & Treasure Hunt and the research the World Animal Awareness Society is conducting in the city of Detroit and elsewhere as well as a full list of volunteers and citizen scientists can be found here:

Produced for the good of all by:
World Animal Awareness Society

copyright c. 2013 All Right Reserved
World Animal Awareness Society

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