Pontiac man uses funds from Animal Care Network to care for 40 cats – August 25, 2012

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Pontiac man uses funds from Animal Care Network to care for 40 cats

Saturday, August 25, 2012 7:36 PM EDT

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Last year, Arnold Kuerbitz of Pontiac appealed to the public for funds to help an ailing rescued cat he named C.C. — and Animal Care Network and generous donors responded.

The cat is thriving and Kuerbitz, a man with a disability who lives on a small Social Security payment, continues to feed and provide winter shelter for 40 cats.

“Animal Care Network does so much for me,” he said. “They help me out tremendously.”

Pontiac cats are “all over the place,” said Pam Porteous, Animal Care Network’s general manager. The Roseville-based nonprofit organization assists with rescuing and neutering animals.

The problem is, though, the group’s 10 volunteers desperately need donations for gas, food and supplies to keep the program going and to continue the network’s cat spay neuter program which, said Porteous, is essential to keep the cat population under control.

Since July 1, the organization has rescued 99 cats and kittens from Pontiac.

“It is extremely overwhelming,” she said. “We have over 20 addresses where people from the community would like us to trap cats and kittens that are either feral or have been abandoned by the owners.

“Every time we pick up a litter, we will spay the mom, dad and any other cat in the household for free.

“This is crucial to stop the cycle. Also any kittens that we rescue are spayed and neutered before being adopted out, another stop to the cycle.”

In April, Kuerbitz packed 18 of his cats and a few street cats into his van, and drove them to the organization’s Pontiac vaccination clinic, where every single cat was vaccinated.

“Only Arnold would make sure that every cat at his house would get to this clinic, no matter what,” said Porteous.

Kuerbitz recently hand-fed one cat who was attacked by a pit bull. Porteous provided antibiotics to help the injured animal.

“I stayed beside him for three days,” said Kuerbitz. “On the fourth morning he got up and walked. That was my gift to him.”

Kuerbitz said his main concern is for the cats.

“They didn’t ask for this life,” he said.

“They are God’s creatures and God created every living thing for a purpose.”


Anyone who might donate funds to help Animal Care Network is asked to contact Pam Porteous, the organization’s general manager, at 248-678-2756.

The Animal Care Network’s Low to Cost Dog and Cat Shot Clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 13 at Centerstage Hall at 536 N. Perry in Pontiac. The cost per animal is $10, cash only. The shots include distemper, rabies and worming. Dog licenses are available for sale. All dogs must be leashed. Cats and puppies must be in carriers. Residents from any city are welcome. Call 248-678-2756.

The Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network was founded in 1994 and over the years has helped thousands of animals with rescue, spay/neuter services, vaccines, shelter, food, straw, education, resources, transportation and advice on animal care. To date, more than 13,000 animals have been rescued/rehomed and 5,600 spayed/neutered. Streets teams hit the streets 7 days a week. Visit http://bit.ly/SsTNKM

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