Preventing, recognizing and treating heat stroke in your pets – July 18, 2011

Preventing, recognizing and treating heat stroke in your pets

Posted: 07/18/2011

By: Web Staff

(WXYZ) – In the wake of the heat wave, the Animal Care Network (ACN) has released tips for preventing and recognizing heat stroke in pets.

The ACN says they have already treated dozens of cats and dogs suffering from heat stroke or exhaustion.

In order to prevent the condition they are asking owners to avoid vigorous exercise and walking. Shade and access to cool water at all times are also easy ways to make your pet more comfortable.

Finally, the ACN advises against leaving your pet in the car for any given amount of time as heat stroke can happen in a matter of minutes.

Signs of an overheated pet include increased body temperature, vigorous panting and thick saliva, unwillingness to move, and dizziness or disorientation.

If you suspect your pet may be suffering from a heat stroke or exhaustion the ACN advises that you immediately move the animal out of the sun and go to your local veterinarian. A cool, but not ice cold, washcloth or towel on the animal’s foot pads and around the head can be useful in lowering their body temperature.

While it is imperative you take care of your own pets, ACN also encourages animal lovers to be advocates for any suffering animal. If you think an animal is not being cared for properly speak with the owner and if the situation doesn’t improve, contact your local animal shelter or humane society.
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