Keep pets safe when hot – July 17, 2011

How To Keep Your Pets Safe While Trying To Be The Heat

POSTED: Sunday, July 17, 2011

UPDATED: 12:53 pm EDT July 17, 2011

TEMPERATURES DANGEROUSLY HIGH FOR PETS!!!!!ANOTHER WEEK OF OVER 90 DEGREE WEATHER COMING UP! The Animal Care Network has already encountered dozens of dogs and cats suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Dogs have been collapsing in backyards, on walks and in cars!TIPS: *Heat stroke can happen in as little as ten minutes *Avoid vigorous exercise and walking *Do not leave your pets in your car *Keep fresh cool water available at all times *Keep your dog in a shaded area *Many dogs like to cool off in a “kiddy” poolSIGNS: *Increased temperature *Vigorous panting, thick saliva *Dark red gums *Lying down and unwilling or unable to get up *Collapse and/or loss of consciousness *Dizziness or disorientation


*Move your pet out of the heat and away from sun right away *Go to your local veterinarian immediately *Begin cooling your pet down slowing by placing cool washcloth or towel on the body, especially foot pads and around the head *DO NOT use ice or very cool water, only slowly offer cool water, do not forceIf your dog lives outside, please make sure the area is kept clean every day to avoid flies that feed on dogs in the summer, also please make sure your pet is vaccinated! If you see a dog or cat in need of a help, become that dog’s advocate. Speak with the owner, and if that fails to improve the situation, contact your local animal shelter, humane society or animal control office.

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