Lack of supplies – October 28, 2010

Animal Care Network in Auburn Hills running out of supplies to help pets

Published: Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of The Oakland Press

The Oakland Press/TIM THOMPSON

Pam Porteous of the Animal Care Network in her depleted storage unit. Animal Care Network goes around neighborhoods feeding and putting down straw for dogs kept outside in the winter and they are not receiving enough donations. The Oakland Press/TIM THOMPSON

AUBURN HILLS — Pam Porteous hefted a bale of straw into a trailer.

“The cupboards are bare, end of story,” said Porteous, Animal Care Network manager.

The nonprofit was founded in 1994 and is known for hitting low-income neighborhoods in parts of Wayne and Oakland counties, providing assistance to owners and trying to keep abandoned animals off the streets.

As they gear up for another harsh winter, the agency has found the lagging economy has resulted in a reduction of donations.

“People aren’t donating because people don’t have the money,” she said, adding the agency is getting between 60 and 70 phone calls a day for help.

Porteous spent Thursday morning with Ortonville resident and volunteer Cindy Merz, loading animal supplies into a trailer and SUV from their storage unit in Auburn Hills.

The inside is far roomier than in previous years, with only three plastic dog houses and a scattering of cardboard boxes containing cans of pet food.

Porteous said the biggest impact has been the closing of Hollywood Warehouse in Pontiac, which donated a large amount of pet food from Pet Supplies Plus.

The poor economy also has resulted in an increased need for their services.

The requests have been for food, vaccinations, or to get an animal spayed or neutered.

The agency just surpassed 12,000 animal rescues and 5,000 spay and neuter procedures. Volunteers also deliver about 400 bales of straw to animals in the winter.

Porteous said she estimates the agency’s annual need to be about $40,000 a year. That money includes the costs of supplies and refunding fuel costs to volunteers hitting neighborhoods where the need is great.

“We’re just nervous,” Porteous said. “If we don’t keep doing this there will be a lot of animals in trouble.”


To make a donation, call 248-678-2756 or mail it to Animal Care Network, P.O. Box 566 Roseville, MI 48066.

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