Cold weather dangerous – February 5, 2010

Cold Weather Dangerous for Pets and People Alike

Evan Deutsch with Animal Care Network
Friday, 05 Feb 2010, 4:38 PM EST


The cold weather can be dangerous for pets and people alike. Recently, a dog died in the frigid temperatures.

Monty loves playing outside, but when it gets cold he wants to be inside.

“I put mine in every night,” said Jamira Chasen.

However, not all pet owners are like Chasen. Some still keep their pets outside in the frigid weather, and it can be deadly.

A dog died in Pontiac over the weekend. He froze to death.

“Like people, we burn off calories. Well, so do dogs, and especially the short haired dogs. They don’t have the protection,” said Evan Deutsch with Animal Care Network.

Deutsch tells us pets need to be brought inside overnight. For the times your four legged friends need to go outside, keep it short and make sure they have warm shelter to shield them from Mother Nature’s harsh conditions.

“Do not keep your dog in the garage. Concrete radiates cold… number one. Number two, the doghouse, if you’re going to keep the dog in the doghouse, again, straw in the house and… keep the doghouse elevated off the ground,” Deutsch said.

The reason why you want to have straw in the doghouse rather than a blanket is because a blanket will retain the moisture. So, it’s very important they have straw so it can keep your pet dry. Also, if your pet is going to be outside, make sure to check on the water because it will freeze quickly in cold temperatures.


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