Livonia pet adoption fair gets “paws-up” – July 30, 2003

Detroit News, The (MI)

July 30, 2003

Livonia pet adoption fair gets ‘paws-up’
Abandoned, abused cats, dogs go to loving homes

Author: The Detroit News Santiago Esparza

Families, young singles and small children spent last
weekend selecting the perfect cat or dog to take home as
a pet.

Pet Supplies “Plus” and the Michigan Animal Adoption
Network on July 26-27 organized Livonia’s largest animal
adoption fair in the parking lot of the pet supply store
on Middle Belt and Seven Mile.

The fair featured more than 100 cats and dogs that were
rescued from abusive owners, abandoned or were no longer

Those adopting animals paid a fee that covered medical
expenses such as shots and neutering or spaying.

“This is the way to start a family,” Kris Stachina, a
42-year-old Redford Township resident said while
adopting a mixed-breed dog that had been abused. “We
were the first ones here. We wanted to make sure.”

Dogs barking, cats meowing and small children squealing
with delight as the animals licked and nuzzled them
combined to create quite a din in the lot.

But organizers said the hard work and noise that goes
into getting the animals new homes is worth their

“It’s awesome,” said Marie Skladd, president of the
adoption network. “It’s an awesome feeling.”

Organizers said this fair and animal health fairs
co-sponsored by the pet supply shop are a growing trend.

Because many groups that help rescue abused animals
pledge not to euthanize them unless absolutely
necessary, the groups must be aggressive.

That means they have to reach many people in as wide an
area as possible to have a greater chance of success.

“We bring the animals to the people,” said Joe Fucini,
Pet Supplies “Plus” spokesman. “The shop has sponsored the
network’s efforts for 13 years. “There’s never a
shortage of animals.”

Jack Berry, CEO and founder of Pet Supplies “Plus”, said
his business is committed to helping the animals. Berry
adopted a dog about three years ago. He advertised the
network’s fair on 47,000 papers distributed to area

“That’s what our business is all about,” Berry said. “We
are a hometown business with hometown people.”

Meanwhile, Stachina and her husband are focusing on
integrating the new dog into their home with two cats.

“We have to get used to my cats, and we will be fine,”
she said.

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