February 9: Road To Recovery

While spreading the word and talking to pet owners about spay and neuter, ACN volunteers have a knack for seeking out and finding people that really need help.  Here are two great examples of why outreach and street work is so important.

After multiple attempts to get in touch with this cat owner to get her cat spayed we received no return call…And then when we tried to call again, the phone was disconnected. ACN is very persistent though!

A visit was made to the home, only to find out the cat had been injured after “accidentally” going outside. Long story short, we got the cat in to be spayed and the bite wounds were taken care of at the same time, seriously stressing that this cat should never go outside again!

While driving, ACN noticed two white pitbulls at a house playing with a smaller dog, all loose. Thinking they were stray, we stopped to find out. We came to find out these 7-month old brother sister pitbulls just gotten over parvo and had a horrible skin condition. We made a connection with the owner and offered to work with them! They did not want to give up these dogs.

Long story short again, we were able to have these dogs fixed and have their skin checked.

They are now on the road to recovery!

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