10 Common Diseases in Cats  

Cat lovers around the globe all agree that there is nothing quite like owning a cat. Felines are one of the most unique pets in the world and with their inquisitive nature, their playfulness, and their affection, it makes them a joy to have in your family.

Of course, as every cat lover and owner knows, cats have an incredibly curious side to them. It’s one off their most endearing attributes, yet it also has a tendency to get them in trouble. They may come upon something to eat or drink that isn’t good for them, or they may try to become buddies with another cat and potentially catch something contagious. When that happens and your cat becomes ill, you’ll have to figure out what to do and how quickly to react.

One of the most useful things to learn is common diseases in cats. If you have a brief overview of these common maladies, it will allow you to make an informed and knowledgeable decision regarding their overall health and well being.

Essential Information You Need to Know

When you learn about these common diseases, it could prove to be a treasure trove of information and could provide you with essential information on what to expect and what to symptoms to look out for. For example, one of the most common diseases in cats is lower urinary tract disease. This familiar ailment can be life threatening, but if you can spot the symptoms, you can get it treated faster.

You Are the Primary Caregiver for your Kitty

Cats totally depend on you to have a happy and healthful life, which makes it all the more important to remain aware and informed about any illness they may come down with. For that, your fur ball will thank you with smiles and purrs!

See below for a wonderfully helpful infographic on the 10 most common cat diseases…