March 31, 2015: Off With the Chain

Meet Spartacus, another wonderful pit bull that sadly spends most of his time outdoors on a chain.

The ACN had Spartacus neutered and vaccinated last month thanks to the free pit bull sterilization program with our friends at the Michigan Humane Society. We even provided a donated large crate for Spartacus so he could recover inside and not be a completely “outdoor chained” dog.

Our volunteers are doing the best that they can to educate dog owners about proper and humane care of outdoor dogs. Sadly many times upon doing rechecks, the dogs are back out on the chain.

Since our first visit to meet Spartacus his weight and temperament has improved dramatically and he is looking better and better. We will continue to monitor this big guy and continue to educate the owner in order to improve Spartacus’s life.

Here is a play by play of Spartacus getting the chain and padlock removed from around his neck and replacing it with a good, sturdy collar. Thanks to our Tracy for her compassion and love for these dogs.

Thanks to Team Marie, John and Tracy for their amazing ability to connect with not only the dogs but the owners as well. A wonderful work in progress always!!

Off with the Chain

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