March 2, 2015: Litter of Puppies

The Animal Care Network rescued a mom dog and a litter of four puppies. The owner “snuck” the unspayed female adult dog in to a “no pet” rental home and guess what? Yes, an “accident” happened and the landlord found out.

This entire family was hungry and so thirsty.

Thankfully we were able to get these adorable puppies into the Michigan Animal Rescue League where they will be vaccinated and spayed and neutered before adoption. Early spay neuter, yes!!!!

The mother dog Maggie is extremely unsocial and very aggressive
with strangers and in new environments. She is in a foster home being worked with. If anyone would like to foster a special need large breed that needs work and training, please call the office 248-545-5055!

Thanks again MARL!


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