March 16, 2015: Animal Care Network Teams

Thanks to the weekend Animal Care Network volunteers for being out on the streets all weekend! Over eighty addresses were visited, straw and food distributed and spay neuter appointments will hopefully be made this week!

Now that the snow is melting and the poor backyard, chained dogs are exposed to mud, feces and urine, efforts are made to educate owners to clean the area immediately. As we all know that may not happen so we do the best that we can to distribute straw and make it more comfortable for these outdoor dogs.

A welfare check was made on the white pit bull that we featured last week with the swollen head. She is doing much better as far as the swelling going down; however her and her other outdoor companion were hungry and thirsty as usual.

We also invite/persuade/force the owners to come outside with the team and witness what the problem areas are.

The Animal Care Network has been providing a community service to our target areas since 1994 and have no authority to ticket or remove animals.

At every single address we attempt and offer rescue for every single dog and cat that is in a bad situation.

We want to thank our followers for all your support, concern, anger and heartbreak for every dog and cat’s story that we tell. We share your feelings and NEVER forget about an animal that we come in contact with.

acn weekend teams march 15 2015

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