June 9, 2015: More Good Homes???????

Meet some puppies of an “accidental” litter of ten that were given away to “good” homes.

The ACN got two of the puppies to begin with and begged for the entire litter but the rest were already spoken for, to good homes only, we were told.

Daisy was given to a neighbor who just had to have her. The owner of the mother dog watched as she was neglected, not fed and left outside 24/7. Finally the owner of the mother dog got fed up and took her back and called ACN to pick her up.

Two more of the puppies were given out and were never taken in for vaccines so ended up getting the parvovirus and dying.

Another one was given to someone that was not allowed to have dogs so that puppy was also given to someone else who proceeded to neglect her and she was stolen.

Two others were given to someone living in an apartment that did now allow dogs, so we ended up rescuing those two as well.

We do not know what happened to the remaining two.

ACN had the mother and father dog fixed for the owner so this tragedy does not happen again

There are absolutely, positively no ACCIDENTAL litters, if you have dogs or cats that are not fixed, they will get pregnant, one way or another!

more good homes

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