June 17, 2015: Parvo Virus

The parvovirus never really stops in our target area, it knocks the puppies and dogs dead all year round, but gets worse in the summer. We have kept track of it for twenty years; nearly 300 out of 700 streets have had puppies and dogs die of the virus, and these are just addresses on streets that we are aware of. Imagine what we don’t know.

With all of the education that we have done, with all of the resources available and with all the low-cost vaccine clinics available, one would think that people would be more responsible and vigilant about vaccines.

The one liner “my puppy has all it’s shots” is very, very old. If you have a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 week old puppy that is virtually impossible, since they require a series in order to be protected.

It is infuriating and frustrating, especially when the Animal Care Network receives calls to pick up suffering and dying puppies when it is way too late to save them.

Last week alone, we picked up three DYING puppies. Puppies that were determined by a veterinarian to be too far gone to save, puppies that the people let suffer for several days before calling. So once again, the rescue workers pick up these guys because we don’t want them to suffer any longer, everyone knows what a horrible slow, painful death the parvovirus can be. These three puppies had truly suffered enough and were already near the end.

We continue to pass out literature on parvovirus, pass out information on CHEAP vaccine clinics, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE THESE DAYS, and talk talk talk to people about making sure they get their puppies and dogs in immediately. Sadly, many times it falls upon deaf ears.

Rest in peace little puppies, we are sorry that the animal welfare and rescue workers cared more about you than your owners did. We are so sorry they did not call us sooner.

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