July 2, 2015: ACN Weekend Teams

The Animal Care Network had three teams out this weekend and boy were they busy!!!

91 stops/visits were made, over 120 dogs and cats were assisted and 9 dogs and cats were rescued!

The teams were out rescuing animals, delivering straw to muddy backyards, assisting pet owners with food, checking backyard dogs to make sure they have food, water and fly prevention, putting doghouses on pallets, checking collars, lengthening chains, you name it they did it!!

Of course every pet owner at every address was educated on proper and humane care of outdoor and indoor animals and educational packets were left!

Rescue and spay and neuter is always offered at every single address.  (For those that we have not already had fixed!)

Our volunteers are the best! These are some of the most compassionate, dedicated, brave and remarkable people you could ever meet!

ACN 6-28-15 TEAM

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