January 8, 2015: Team Heather and Kathy

Thanks to Team Kathy and Heather for hitting the streets faithfully  every month.

These two gals spend their entire day trying to rescue dogs and cats,  stuffing doghouses with straw, passing out dog and cat food, untangling chains, giving thirsty outdoor dogs water, you name it, they do it!!

The also spend time talking to and educating owners which often times falls upon deaf ears, even in this cold frigid weather. Cold weather tips are also given to the owners.

Most importantly all of these outdoor, backyard, lonely dogs receive some attention and love from Kathy and Heather, their hearts are always with these poor dogs and they think about them after every single ACN run!

Thank you Kathy and Heather for continuing to do this heartbreaking  and not always rewarding work!!!

It is very clear in the photographs that these dogs love you and look  so forward to seeing you two!! Some of them are even smile!

team kathy and heather


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