February 9, 2015: Puppy Left to Freeze to Death

ACN received a call from a neighbor alerting us to a puppy that was left out in the cold tied with a four foot leash tied to a deck for three days, only able to sit down the leash was so short.

No shelter, no food, no water.

They contacted the owner, who told them, “Oh yea, we moved and couldn’t take the puppy with us”.  OMG were they planning on telling anyone or calling anyone to pick the puppy up?  Sadly this is all too common in our target areas, thankfully the neighbors noticed and were very upset by this.  What about the dogs and cats that are left behind where there are no kind, caring neighbors, we shudder to think about that.

The ACN immediately responded and rescued feisty little Snowbell, very skinny, very thirsty and very happy to be rescued!

Snowbell was in a foster home for several weeks for the parvo watch and where she learned some manners from the “big dogs”. We were able to get her into one of our rescue partners!!

Do not move out and leave your dogs and cats behind! 

Do not let your dogs and cats go if you don’t want them anymore!

Take them to a local animal shelter or contact a rescue group!

puppy left to freeze

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