August 4, 2015: Food Assistance – Bowser

Bowser and his owner lost their home and are temporarily staying at a local hotel. They will be leaving the hotel and staying at a campground while waiting to move into a new place.

Bowser is another one of our favorite community dogs, we had him neutered three years ago. This owner would sleep on the streets rather than give up this dog. He is wonderful and so is his owner.

They really needed help from the Animal Care Network so we stocked her up with food and treats, collar, leashes, a stake for the ground and a tie out, bowls and everything she needed.

She will call us if she needs anything else and we will be keeping in touch with her to make sure she and Bowser gets back on their feet.

Please donate to the Animal Care Network food assistance program so we can continue to help pet owners in our target areas. This program keeps pets with their owners during hard times and eases the struggle on their owners who have enough to deal with during times of trouble.


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