April 7, 2015: Cats Abandoned on Volunteer’s Driveway

When you become known for rescuing animals many times you get flooded with phone calls, advise or even come home to surprises at your front door.

This is what happened to our volunteer Angie. She left for 1/2 hour and came home to find a extremely filthy carrier with two cats left at her front door.

As Angie ALWAYS is, she was ready for the task. She got these two wonderful, hungry, dirty cats into the vet to be tested, vaccinated and fixed. She then fostered them until they were ready for adoption.

Great job as always Angie!

Jackson and Calvin are now available for adoption at Pet Supplies Plus, 23700 Greater Mack Avenue, St. Clair Shores, MI. Please stop in and visit them or contact our Network Manager/Adoption Manager Chris at 248-545-5055 if you are interested.

2 cats abandoned on angies porch


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